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Where Can You See the Best Snowfall in India 2024?

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Where to see snow in India 2024

Up for a winter expedition embracing the crisp, chill breeze, and admiring the ethereal snow blanket over the colossal mountains? Then fasten your seat belts and set your compass towards the pristine snowlands of India that promise an unforgettable visual feast in 2024!


Splendid Himachal Pradesh

Let’s begin our icy tour at the crown jewel of India, Himachal Pradesh, a paradise bedecked with a splendid white cloak during winters.


Experiencing Winter in Shimla

Amidst the pine-clad valleys and cute little houses lies Shimla, our winter wonderland. Imagine sipping on a hot ginger tea, gazing at the snowfall that, come mid-December, sets up a serene white stage, perfect for snowball fights, and sledding! Don’t forget some lazy twilight strolls along the Mall Road, soaking in panoramic vistas of snow-blanketed landscapes, truly a sight for sore city eyes.

snowfall in Shimla India 2024

Dreamy Manali

Next up, we have Manali—the epicenter of extreme winter sports in India. A white blanket of snow typically descends as early as November, paving the way for skiing enthusiasts. Keep your GoPro ready as you slalom down the misty slopes. Amidst all the adrenaline, don’t miss the ethereal beauty of the snow-laden Rohtang Pass and the frosty allure of Hidimba Devi Temple.

snowfall in manali India 2024

Peaceful Dalhousie

The quaint town of Dalhousie, swathed in a snowy mantle, is your solace from the bustling cities. Winter trekking up the charming, snow-drizzled Dainkund Peak or observing the snowflakes delicately settling on the colonial-era buildings will make you fall in love with this peaceful haven.

snowfall in Dalhousie India 2024

Snowy Sojourns in Uttarakhand

We now voyage towards the Land of Gods, Uttarakhand, that dons a divine white avatar during winters.


Winter Extravaganza in Auli

Auli is your winter postcard dream come true! From cable cars swaying amid snow-laden trees to carving your story in the snow-clad ski slopes, Auli promises a full-on winter extravaganza. The frosted peaks of Nanda Devi and Nar Parvat against the clear blue sky present a picture-perfect moment for shutterbugs.

snowfall in auli India 2024

Mystical Mussoorie

The “Queen of Hills,” Mussoorie, during winters, is nothing short of a fairy tale. With a dusting of fresh snow, must-visit spots like Kempty Falls and Lal Tibba Peak feel all the more magical. Not to forget your much-needed snow combat at the Snow Adventure Zone. Brace yourself, snowballs are coming!

snowfall in mussorie India 2024

Impressive Nainital

Winter in Nainital – a utopia of twinkling lights reflecting off the frothy layers of snow. Garbed in glistening white, Nainital has a unique snow charm that’s hard to resist. The Snow View Point offers majestic sights of the snow-capped Himalayas, so gear up for some snow-per selfies!

snowfall in Nainital India 2024

Thrilling Winter in Jammu and Kashmir

Venturing next to the heaven on earth, Jammu and Kashmir, where winters are an extravagant fest for snow lovers.


Enthralling Gulmarg

Whisked by the chilly gondola ride to the Apharwat Peak, you’ll be transfixed by the falling snowflakes in Gulmarg. Known worldwide for its skiing trails, the snow transforms the town into a playground for snowboarding and tobogganing. Top it all off with a cup of saffron-infused Kahwa while admiring the snow-laden Pine and Fir trees.

snowfall in Gulmarg India 2024

Captivating Pahalgam

Blanketed in snow, Pahalgam’s allure lies in clear rivers weaving through snow-covered, meandering trails. Snowy horse rides up to Baisaran Valley or just building a perfect snowman, everything about Pahalgam is captivating. And if adrenaline is your thing, you might even dare the frosty white-water rafting!

snowfall in pahalgam India 2024

Scenic Srinagar

In Srinagar, snow-laden Chinar leaves rustling in the breeze compose music to the ears of winter-admirers. A snowy shikara ride on the Dal Lake or a tranquil walk in Mughal Gardens, everything about Srinagar takes a scenic turn come winters.

snowfall in Srinagar India 2024

Magical Snowfall in Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh

Finally, we cruise to the north-eastern valleys of Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh, witnessing winter magic at its best.


Iconic Gangtok

When winters hit Gangtok, it transforms into an awe-inspiring canvas of white. Trudging through snow-laden trails to the Tsongmo Lake or feasting your eyes upon a frosty Kanchenjunga peak adds that magical touch to your winter diary.

snowfall in Gangtok India 2024

Mesmerizing Tawang

Tawang’s inherent spiritual tranquility takes a snowy turn in the winter. Admire the Tawang Monastery standing tall against the snowy backgrounds or trek through snow-dusted Sela Pass for a mesmerizing wintry journey!

snowfall in Gangtok India 2024

Tranquil Lachung

The serene town of Lachung is your ultimate snow retreat. A snow-covered paradise with glistening waterfalls and sparkling rivers, it is an offbeat route towards a virgin winter experience.

snowfall in lachung India 2024

Preparing for Your Snowy Escape: Tips and Advice

Now equipped with snow destinations galore, let’s do a quick winter travel prep!


Packing Right for India’s Winter Weather

Pack smart to beat the chill! This means thermal inners, knitwear, waterproof jackets, gloves, and woolen socks, along with a good pair of snow boots. Don’t underestimate the need for sunglasses and sunscreen. The reflected sunlight off the snow can be pretty intense.


Health and Safety Measures for Snow Regions

Staying hydrated and maintaining body heat is crucial in snow regions. Carry energy bars or dry fruits for those extra bursts of heat. A stick of lip balm and a good quality moisturizer are your best companions against chapped lips and skin.


Insider Tips to Enhance Your Snow Experience

The best time to relish snowfall in India is between December and February. Respecting local customs during your snow escapades is crucial. Don’t leave without gulping down a bowl of Thupka in the northeast or savoring Kashmiri Rogan Josh!



Feel a sense of elation thinking about the snow-encrusted houses, the frozen lakes, and the exhilarating winter sports? That’s the magic of an Indian snow tour. Each destination, with its unique snow spectacle, will make winter 2024 your most cherished travel memory.


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