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Surla Waterfalls: Nature’s Majestic Cascade in All Its Glory

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Surla Waterfalls

The magnificent Tambdi Surla Waterfalls may be seen in the peaceful setting of Bhagwan Mahavir National Park. While not as well known as the nearby Dudhsagar Falls, these waterfalls boast unspoiled natural beauty. Located on the border between Goa and Karnataka, the Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary is home to the breathtaking Tambdi Surla Falls. They are around 86 kilometers away from Panjim, so you will need your vehicle to arrange transportation.

Despite having the temple’s name, the Tambdi Surla Waterfalls have located some distance from the shrine. Unique and refreshing vistas of the green woodlands are likely to be your reward for completing the short but relatively strenuous Tambdi Surla Waterfalls Trek.

In addition to the ordinary Vine snake, you may encounter the ordinary Krait or a Russell’s viper. You will not soon forget the unforgettable experience of hiking through this lush, varied landscape, surrounded by birds singing and butterflies fluttering.


Here Are Some Of The Many Reasons You Should Visit Goa’s Tambdi Surla Waterfall:


●      The Dazzling Charm Of The Location

The stunning natural beauty of Goa’s Tambdi Surla Waterfall is hard to fathom unless you’ve seen it for yourself. The Tambdi Surla Waterfall Trek is the one that ascends to such a lofty altitude that, despite its seeming danger, you will be unable to resist its allure.


●      Changes In The Area

From the native plants and animals to the many other features, you will find much of yourself at every stage of the adventure.


●      Your Sight Will Enjoy The Lush Vegetation

All of the vegetation along the trek route is what makes it so pleasant. You may choose among paths that are full of flowers or those that are in the shade, so your eyes will always be treated to something new.


●      What To Do While You’re There

The more daring among you may try your hand at ziplining and wall climbing here. Here, you’ll find the practical guides you need to carry out these tasks in complete safety.


●      The Hike To The Tambdi Surla Waterfalls

The moderately challenging Tambdi Surla hike may be completed in 90 to 120 minutes. Wear waterproof clothing since it travels through forested areas and rapid streams. You can research local tour companies that provide hikes and adventures online before you commit to one. While you’re in the area, stop at the Tambdi surla waterfall Temple, which dates back to the 13th century. You can’t visit Goa without including this excursion, which is packed with historical sites and opportunities to reconnect with nature.


How To Get To The Tambdi Surla Temple/Directions To The Temple

Finding the Tambdi surla waterfalls temple may need some effort. It is a straightforward 45-kilometer drive east of Goa’s Ponda district. To go to the temple and waterfall, we rented a motorcycle. You need to go to the Mollem crossroads; turn left heading north, and then takes a sharp right after 2 kilometers to reach Surla. The trip, however, is quite scenic, with trees forming a canopy over the road on both sides.

The Tambdi Surla Mahadev temple is in a clearing at the end of the road. It’s a little out of the way, like a weathered page in an old history book. There are a few foods stands close to the parking lot. The whole length of the road is in pristine shape. Crossing the Surla River over the paved bridge is the only way to get to the temple. Just before the bridge, on the left into the forest, is where the trail to the Tambdi Surla waterfalls begins.


Temple Of The Great God Mahadev Of Tambdi Surla:

In contrast to the red soil of Surla and the area around the Tambdi Surla Mahadev temple, the stone used to construct the structure must have been transported from elsewhere. There is still some debate about the temple’s true origin. The temple, albeit modest in size, is exquisite in design, with a deep and crisply carved black basalt stone structure surrounded by a lush garden.

The Archaeological Survey of India has designated the Tambdi Surla temple as a historical monument worthy of preservation.

The Hindu deity Lord Shiva worshipped there, is often seen as both the universe’s architect and its destroyer. Local flowers are usually used to adorn the Shiv Linga in the holiest of spaces. The outer sanctum is adorned with a headless Nandi, Lord Shiva’s chariot.

If you have a passion for South Indian or Jain temples, a visit to the Tambdi Surla temple is a must. The green grass garden is a lovely contrast to the black basalt temple. You may take all the time in the world to enjoy the tranquillity of this garden and this architectural masterpiece.


Places Of Interest Near Surla Waterfalls

●      Jalavane Falls

The Jalavane Cascade is one of the most beautiful, unexplored waterfalls in the Goa region. The precise location is inside the Mhadei Nature Reserve. Everyone who appreciates the awe-inspiring beauty of the natural world should see this cascade.

Balagavi, a small village on the state line between Goa and Karnataka, serves as the gateway to the waterfall. You’ll need to put in some severe footwork to reach the waterfall.


●      Shimbola Falls

Belgaum’s Infinity Expeditions has been organizing hikes for years. They have a group of hikers continuously finding new spots that are really hidden jewels in the Western Ghats.

The group just discovered Shimbola Waterfalls, a 200-foot waterfall nestled in the foothills not far from Chorla. The small ravine, the tremendous waterfalls, and the dense forest will scare you, but only the brave may see these breathtaking sights.


●      The Waterfall Of Hivrem

Hivrem is located in Satari Taluka and is around 75 kilometers away from the state capital of Panaji. From Hivrem, you can view the Sahyadris mountains, whose peak seems to vanish into thin air and whose foot seems to float on a lake of verdant meadows.

Amidst this chaos, the Hivrem waterfall stands out as a bright white spot in the distance. The answer is yes, but only if you’re up for a 45-minute trek with some challenging ascents.

After a few deep breaths, the Hivrem waterfall will be visible behind you.


●      Vazra Sakla Falls

The Vazra Sakla Waterfalls are the region’s lifeblood, and they begin as the Valvanti headwaters in the Chorla forests. These 143-meter falls give our region its notoriety and help keep the farms and orchards afloat.


●      Sada Waterfall

Located in the thick forests of the Western Ghats, close to the boundary between Karnataka and Goa, is the enigmatic and unique Sada cascade. Visiting Sada Waterfall on a group excursion from Belagavi is highly recommended.

Sada Village is accessible by road. However, the remaining distance to Sada Waterfall is on foot. A hike might be anything from 8 to 18 kilometres long, depending on its starting point and the route taken.


When To See Surla Waterfall At Its Best

During the monsoon and just after, the Surla waterfall is most spectacular. The waterfall is particularly beautiful this time of year, drawing many visitors. The tambdi surla waterfall is most picturesque when powered by a powerful torrent of rainwater.


Advice For Travelers

  • The hike to the waterfall requires comfortable footwear and clothing.
  • Put on shoes that won’t slip.
  • Bring along some refreshments and a water bottle.



Our best recommendation is that you all remain in close proximity to Mollem. From their beachfront hotels, some visitors drive to Mollem for a day excursion to tambdi surla waterfall. Staying in the Mollem area also makes seeing Dudhsagar waterfall and other sights convenient.


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How do I reach Surla Waterfalls?

To reach Surla Waterfalls, you can travel to the region of Surla village in Goa. From there, it requires a short trek through the lush forest to reach the waterfall. It is advisable to hire a local guide for a smooth and safe journey.


Is there an entry fee to visit Surla Waterfalls?

No, there is no entry fee to visit Surla Waterfalls. It is a natural attraction that can be explored without any charges.


What is the best time to visit Surla Waterfalls?

The best time to visit Surla Waterfalls is during the monsoon season (June to September) when the waterfall is in its full glory. The heavy rainfall enhances the beauty of the waterfall, creating a captivating sight.


Are there any precautions to be taken while visiting Surla Waterfalls?

Yes, there are a few precautions to keep in mind while visiting Surla Waterfalls. It is advisable to wear comfortable and sturdy footwear for the trek, carry insect repellent, and stay cautious of slippery paths during the monsoon season.


Can we swim in Surla Waterfalls?

Swimming is generally not recommended at Surla Waterfalls due to the strong currents and uneven terrain. It is advisable to admire the beauty of the waterfall from a safe distance and not venture into the water.


Are there any nearby attractions to explore along with Surla Waterfalls?

Yes, there are several attractions near Surla Waterfalls that you can explore. Some popular nearby places include the Tambdi Surla Mahadev Temple, Mollem National Park, and the Dudhsagar Waterfalls.


Is it necessary to hire a guide for the trek to Surla Waterfalls?

While it is not necessary to hire a guide, it is recommended for a safe and enjoyable experience. A local guide can provide insights into the area, ensure you follow the correct path, and share interesting information about the flora and fauna.


Are there any facilities available near Surla Waterfalls?

As Surla Waterfalls is located in a natural setting, there are limited facilities available. It is advisable to carry your own water, snacks, and any essentials you may need during the visit.


Can photography be done at Surla Waterfalls?

Yes, photography is allowed at Surla Waterfalls. You can capture the beauty of the waterfall and the surrounding lush greenery. It is recommended to be mindful of the environment and not leave any litter behind.


Is Surla Waterfalls suitable for children and families?

Surla Waterfalls can be enjoyed by children and families, but it is important to exercise caution and supervise children during the trek. The rugged terrain and slippery paths may require extra care, especially during the monsoon season.

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