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Marine Drive Rishikesh: Serene Bliss by the Ganges

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marine drive Rishikesh

Both Rishikesh and the nearby city of Haridwar were historically popular destinations for Sadhus and other spiritual seekers. For Hindus, these two cities have always represented the pinnacle of pilgrimage. The Ganga River begins its journey through the plains here. And provides for the needs of those who live along its banks until it finally meets the sea in the Bay of Bengal.


Lakshman Jhoola and Ram Jhoola are two of the most visited tourist destinations, as are the ashrams of Sivananda, Omkarananda, Parmarth Niketan and Swargashram. Attending or seeing the nightly aarti on the Ganges’ Ghats is a moving experience. A new strolling trail, the Aastha trail, has opened up along the banks of the Ganges. Asthapath and marine drive Rishikesh are other names for Astha Path.


How Far Is It to Rishikesh’s Marine Drive?

The Astha Path was constructed along a six-kilometre riverfront section for health-conscious persons in the early morning and late evening. Aastha Path begins at Triveni Ghat in Rishikesh, and its beginning and conclusion points are at Barrage. The government has plans to develop this route to Raam Jhula in Rishikesh.

The route spans 6 kilometres and has scenic overlook seats and safety obstacles in case of accidents or river slides. The trail is only used for walking and is most popular in the early and late hours of the day. There are around 50 or 60 steps down the path. This means there is no traffic in this area, hence no pollution.


Time to Go to Rishikesh for River Rafting

For the Rishikesh marine drive, late September through early November is ideal, while early March through the first week of May is the best time to visit Rishikesh. Savan, a festival held in Rishikesh every July, attracts tens of thousands of visitors. The hotels are full, and major routes are closed. You should avoid going to Rishikesh at that time.


Rafting In Rishikesh: What You Need To Know Before You Go

Marine drive in Rishikesh Season: The months of mid-February through mid-May are ideal for rafting in Rishikesh.

  • Knowing how to swim to go water rafting is unnecessary.
  • Remember to bring a change of clothing, shoes, and towels.
  • Your necessities will be protected from the elements by your guide’s use of a waterproof backpack.
  • The rafting guide has a dry bag to store your phone, keys, and sandals.
  • For the rafting adventure, you might get a waterproof camera. On the other hand, you may strike a stone or have the raft flip over and drown.
  • Sunscreen is essential on a sunny day.
  • Put on your goggles for a more thrilling experience in the pool.
  • Bring along your regular T-shirt, shorts, or pajamas.
  • Avoid going rafting on Sundays, and book in advance.
  • It would help to take several precautions before setting off on an adventure.


Rafting’s Best Stretches in Rishikesh


●    Shivpuri To Rishikesh

The route from Shivpuri to Rishikesh is an intermediate-level one that combines excitement and relaxation well. Grade III rapids have the potential to cause heart palpitations amongst the rafters.

This section of the Ganges River is not a good choice for first-timers or those who need to be swimmers that are more confident when it comes to rafting in Rishikesh.


●      Kaudiyala To Rishikesh

Don’t move, you inexperienced rafters! Only the most proficient should attempt this stretch. The extended distance is not only taxing but also challenging. It’s a true test of the rafters’ grit, fortitude, and ability.

This section of the river rafting trip in Rishikesh includes one of the world’s most challenging rapids, The Wall.


●      Marine Drive

This 26-kilometre rafting belt in and around marine drive Rishikesh to Lakshman Jhula, has almost all of the best rapids on the Ganga in the city.

Here, thrill-seekers face all of the rapids between Shivpuri and Rishikesh, including the notoriously dangerous Three Blind Mice (Grade III), Black Money (Grade I), Golf Course (Grade III), the Wall (Grade IV), and others. The section beginning at marine drive Rishikesh opens concurrently with the beginning at Shivpuri. It is accessible to visitors until May, from October.


Why Participate in Rishikesh Rafting?

While white water rafting can be found in a few other locations in India, Rishikesh is often regarded as the greatest. In the minds of those who seek thrills, the word is inseparable from rafting. Water sports enthusiasts will find paradise in Rishikesh thanks to some elements.

Rafting is a popular activity in Rishikesh, so it’s no surprise that thrill-seekers flock there. Numerous tour companies compete to provide visitors with the best possible experience. A new regulating organization for rafting has resulted in affordable rates that previously needed to be addressed.

Marine Drive Rishikesh rafting and other outdoor pursuits were put on hold for quite some time due to the coronavirus outbreak that began in March. However, the Uttarakhand tourist board announced on social media that rafting is again open to the public.



While swimming skills are not required for rafting, they are a definite asset. A high-quality life jacket may save your life whether you know how to swim and the swift river current will not tolerate any excuses for not having one on.


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What is Marine Drive Rishikesh?

Marine Drive Rishikesh is a picturesque stretch along the banks of the Ganges River known for its scenic beauty and tranquil environment. It is a popular spot for leisurely walks and enjoying the river view.


How can I reach Marine Drive Rishikesh?

To reach Marine Drive Rishikesh, you can take a taxi or auto-rickshaw from the main city area or hire a private vehicle. It is located approximately 5 kilometers from the main Rishikesh town.


Are there any water activities available at Marine Drive Rishikesh?

Yes, Marine Drive Rishikesh offers various water activities such as river rafting, kayaking, and boating. These activities are popular among adventure enthusiasts and provide an exhilarating experience.


Is Marine Drive Rishikesh suitable for a family outing?

Absolutely! Marine Drive Rishikesh is a family-friendly destination. It offers a serene atmosphere, beautiful views of the river, and ample space for picnics or relaxing by the riverside.


Are there any nearby attractions to explore near Marine Drive Rishikesh?

Yes, there are several attractions near Marine Drive Rishikesh that you can explore. Some popular nearby places include Neelkanth Mahadev Temple, Beatles Ashram, and the famous Laxman Jhula suspension bridge.


What is the best time to visit Marine Drive Rishikesh?

The best time to visit Marine Drive Rishikesh is during the months of February to June and September to November. The weather during these periods is pleasant, allowing you to enjoy the scenic beauty comfortably.


Can I witness any special events or festivals at Marine Drive Rishikesh?

Marine Drive Rishikesh is occasionally the venue for festivals and cultural events, especially during religious occasions such as Ganga Aarti or major Hindu festivals like Mahashivaratri. It’s advisable to check local event calendars for specific dates.


Is photography allowed at Marine Drive Rishikesh?

Yes, photography is allowed at Marine Drive Rishikesh. You can capture the beautiful surroundings, the river, and the serene atmosphere. However, it is always recommended to be respectful and seek permission when photographing individuals.


Are there any accommodation options available near Marine Drive Rishikesh?

Yes, there are several accommodation options available near Marine Drive Rishikesh, ranging from budget guesthouses to luxury resorts. You can choose as per your preference and budget for a comfortable stay near this scenic location.

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