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Vibhuti Falls: Natures Tranquil Retreat Amidst Serene Beauty

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In the Malnad area of Uttara Kannada, Sirsi is a hill station formerly known as Kalyanapattana. Let us peek at the attractions awaiting tourists at vibhuti falls.


The Vibhooti Legend

The Western Ghats are the source of the Vibhooti waterfall, which eventually drains into the Arabian Sea through the Aghanashini River. Lord Vishnu disguised himself as Mohini and slew the demon Bhasmasura at Yana. Whatever Bhasmasura places his palm on will be reduced to ashes thanks to a blessing he received. He was wreaking havoc with it in the neighbourhood, so the gods had to figure out how to eliminate him.

Eventually, Vishnu appears before Bhasmasura while disguised as Mohini. Mohini is drawn to Bhasmasura, and she offers him her hand in marriage if he can defeat her in a dance-off by imitating her moves. Mohini suddenly keeps her hand on her head while she dances. Bhasmasura, without warning, puts his hand over his head and is instantly destroyed by the flames. Ashes of Bhasmasura are reported to have washed down the cliffs of Yana, creating Vibhooti Falls.


An Enchanting Waterfall

The Waterfall is quite enchanting, standing tall among the bubbling sound of cascading water and the thick flora along its sides. The waterfalls are a good kilometre or so from the entrance. You can’t see the falls until you approach the finish, just as with any other waterfall. Only the initial segment of the route is pleasant to travel on, while the remainder is poorly maintained. The thunderous roaring sound of water descending in layers with ease is what would captivate you the most.


Several Tiers of Waterfall

Vibhuti Falls is a multi-stage waterfall that drops 60-70 feet, providing endless amusement for people of all ages. Young men may enjoy playing in the pool and swimming in the cascade, while older people can relax and enjoy Waterfall’s serene atmosphere. To sum up, everyone visiting Vibhuti Falls can testify to the incredible joy they experience there.


Visit Vibhuthi Falls and the Yana Caves

Considering that the Yana Caves, for which Sirsi is well known, are not too far from the falls, the two are likely connected in some way. Water, which is nothing but the holy Vibhuti(ash), sprang spontaneously from the rocks of Yana, famous for its self-formed, enormous, peculiar karst rock structure. The locals claim the water came crashing down in a series of layers, thus the waterfalls’ enigmatic moniker, Vibhuti Falls.

The combination of Vibhuti Falls and the Yana Caves has brought a sense of holiness to the area. It is about 8 kilometres from Yana to the lovely Vibhuti Fall. The surrounding Magbi settlement is also responsible for the falls’ common name.


Places To See In The Neighborhood Of Vibhooti Falls

Yana: There’s a cave shrine here to the goddess Chandrika. Therefore, it is a popular destination for pilgrims. The cave temple hosts ten days of festivities during Shivratri.


  • Unchalli Falls

This Waterfall, made by the Aghanashini River, is around 30 kilometres from Sirsi. During the monsoons, the 116-meter drop in elevation creates a breathtaking sight.


  • Benne Hole Falls

The river Aghanashini is responsible for creating this Waterfall as well. Hikers and outdoor enthusiasts frequent the region.


  • Beach of Gokarna

The non-commercial beach has the Arabian Sea and mountains on each side, making it one of a kind. When you embark on your journey to Vibhuti Fall, you can expect to see something new and exciting at every stop. This is because nature never repeats itself, creating new and exciting sights in each location. Those who want adventure may also go hiking or trekking.


Vibhooti Falls: How to Reach


  • By Vehicle

About 400 kilometres from Bangalore and 50 from Sirsi are the vibhuti Falls Gokarna. The Vaddi cross may be reached from Sirsi using KSRTC buses or private cabs. The Waterfall is easily accessible from here.

Highway 66 (NH66) from the direction of Honnavar and Kumta is in fair condition. The last 15–18 kilometres of the route from Sirsi on district roads are in poor condition. (Details current as of August 2021) Vibhuti falls timings are from 9 a.m. to 5 or 5.30 p.m., with a small admission cost (about 10 Rs per person).


  • Rail

The Vibhooti Falls railway station is located in Sirsi. It is around 44 kilometres from the station.


  • By Air

It is 252 kilometres from the nearest airport at Mangalore International Airport.


Reasons To Visit Vibhuti Waterfall

If reading that last sentence gave you chills, you know you must visit Vibhuti Fall. The Western Ghats are home to a stunning waterfall that is surprisingly undiscovered by most tourists.

From the main gate, it’s a brisk 1-1.5 km walk to the destination; half the road is paved, but the other half is the typical kutcha that can be found near forests. If you grow fatigued, there are seats spaced at regular intervals. The trails are framed by lush vegetation, suggesting that the hike and its ultimate destination are worth the effort. For a small fee, the local panchayat will guide you through the jungle to the Waterfall, saving you hours of driving about in search of a parking spot.

This is a great area to spend the morning or afternoon since it is home to one of the many waterfalls with several levels. Enjoy your time there whenever you like—playing, swimming, or relaxing. Every time someone enters the water near the fall, a lifeguard ensures his or her safety. The journey to and from the Waterfall will also be enjoyable. Plan to spend at least half a day at the Waterfall.



There is no better place to visit than Vibhuti Falls, whether you are a nature lover, road tripper, or adventurer. You will travel over hilly terrain in the Western Ghats, through thick forests, and more. The tranquillity of the river’s flowing sound will transport you, allowing your inner pleasure to overflow. In this setting, you may strengthen your emotional, mental, and spiritual bonds.

Given that the saint spent many hours meditating near these falls, it is easy to foresee the positive effects of even a brief visit there. Suppose you are looking for some alone time, a place to connect with yourself, a new adventure, or a more tranquil existence.


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Where is Vibhuti Falls located?

Vibhuti Falls is located in the scenic district of Chikkamagaluru, Karnataka, India. It is nestled amidst the lush greenery of the Western Ghats.


How do I reach Vibhuti Falls?

To reach Vibhuti Falls, you can take a private vehicle or hire a taxi from Chikkamagaluru town. The falls are located approximately [X] kilometers away and can be reached via a scenic drive followed by a short trek.


Is there an entry fee to visit Vibhuti Falls?

Currently, there is no entry fee to visit Vibhuti Falls. It is a natural attraction open to the public.


What is the best time to visit Vibhuti Falls?

The best time to visit Vibhuti Falls is during the monsoon season, from June to September, when the waterfall is at its peak flow. The surroundings are lush and vibrant during this time, enhancing the overall experience.


Are there any precautions to be taken while visiting Vibhuti Falls?

While visiting Vibhuti Falls, it is advisable to wear comfortable footwear and exercise caution while trekking on uneven surfaces. It is also important to respect the surroundings, avoid littering, and follow any safety guidelines provided.


Can we swim in Vibhuti Falls?

Swimming is not recommended at Vibhuti Falls due to strong currents and unpredictable water depths. It is best to enjoy the beauty of the falls from a safe distance.


Are there any facilities available near Vibhuti Falls?

There are limited facilities available near Vibhuti Falls. It is advisable to carry your own water, snacks, and necessary supplies. There may be a few local vendors selling refreshments in the vicinity.


Can photography be done at Vibhuti Falls?

Yes, photography is allowed at Vibhuti Falls. You can capture the scenic beauty and the cascading waterfall. It is always recommended to be mindful of the environment and respect the surroundings while taking photographs.


Are there any nearby attractions to explore along with Vibhuti Falls?

Yes, Chikkamagaluru is known for its natural beauty and offers several attractions nearby. Some popular places to visit include Mullayanagiri Peak, Baba Budangiri, Kudremukh National Park, and Hebbe Falls.


Is Vibhuti Falls suitable for children and families?

Vibhuti Falls can be enjoyed by children and families, but it is important to exercise caution and supervise children near the waterfall and during the trek. The terrain may be slippery, so it is advisable to take necessary precautions for a safe and enjoyable experience.

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